Sellers, looking to sell your sarasota and manatee county real estate, we heard the latest real estate reports! We know you can’t sell your home for the price you could several years ago. Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments? Readjust your focus and look ahead. There are no problems,  just opportunities! We realize the need to help you get educated and informed about short sales. The worst thing to do is nothing. Overcoming the hurdle of intimidation of the process can be accomplished. Don’t ignore the facts, but take the necessary steps to preventing foreclosure and the effects of it on your credit. The LaRosa Team understands and has dealt with numerous sellers that need to get out from under. We are here to help you walk thru the entire process. We have a team of attorney’s that are real estate specialists well able to assist you. Yes, there is a nominal fee, but it is well worth every penny. It’s a wise investment in your future to have legal counsel in your corner in such matters. Hey buyers, this is an opportunity where you can buy right. There are some great deals to be made! We know the horror stories, but patience can open the door to your dream home. And Sellers, let us bring you YOUR KEY TO NEW BEGINNINGS!

We believe in preparing and marketing homes effectively by offering solid strategies to get your home noticed and sold. We do this by helping all of our clients, prior to listing a home. We offer staging and ways to enhance the value of your property. We know your greatest audience is the internet and 90% of home buyers begin their search online. So professional photo’s and virtual tours are a must. Of Course, the MFR MLS is helpful to reach licensed agents all across Florida. We also partner with superior vendors and service providers who know how to do their job with excellence. This is a valuable asset to a successful real estate transaction. Knowing whom to partner with is essential. Knowing how to write a contract properly is also extremely important. Why place one of the biggest investments you will make in the hands of someone who isn’t knowledgeable of how to write a contract or present an offer. The key to getting it sold is knowing how to price a property attractively! We are continuously advancing our knowledge and skills in today’s rapidly changing real estate market. Connect with us on our Sarasota Homes Blog for what’s happening in the local market.


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